Future Of Learning Forum

Welcome to the Future of Learning Series

Leading up to the Future of Learning Forum, we will be publishing a series of posts to provide insights and inspire educational leaders to further explore what can (or should) be considered as they look to refine how education and learning is facilitated today, and be positioned for tomorrow.

As a technology company, Blockchain Learning Group focuses all of our efforts on educating high school students on blockchain technology and how to effectively leverage it. We are lucky to be in the position of not only have a front row seat to this technological revolution, but to play our small role in helping high school students be prepared for tomorrow’s realities. 

We will explore a variety of themes that collectively lay a strong foundation to address where the future of learning and work might lead us, and how these two intersect. We already live and breathe these as most of these considerations play a key role in how our various education programs are structured, and the key learning outcomes they strive to achieve.

The Future of Learning Series will be released bi-weekly and will touch on themes such as Collaboration, Experiential Learning, Inclusion, Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking  and Continuous Learning Approaches, to name a few. We will also explore how Ontario’s recent mandate for online courses presents a great opportunity, if executed correctly, to help foster a new learning paradigm.

We hope you will enjoy and be inspired by these posts!

Future of learning series - articles